My Beatles Project

Not so long ago, I started using this program called: “Flashificator” which is actually my father’s (creation) digital baby as he calls it. My parents were always telling me to do something productive and creative, so since I was a Beatle fan, I found it natural to do something related to them, I had nothing to lose by trying it, so I did. At first, I was excited to learn more and more by the minute, things were going great, but then I got caught up in my teenage hormonal mind, and all my free time went into useless noise on Twitter & Facebook (I’m sure my parents will be delighted to read this, but they’ll probably not believe it), so I left it unfinished for some weeks. My dad told me to finish what I had started, so I did and a couple of days later I presented the project to him for error checking, etc. He was amazed and so proud of what I had managed to do.


Please, let me tell you how my experience was using Flashificator was like (I’m so excited about what can be done).
At first I had to figure out how to install it, I asked my father for help, and his help came instantly in the form of: “¡Yeah, install it!” at that moment I knew where things were heading. A little research on the Flashificator forums solved that initial problem of mine. After a few clicks I had installed Adobe AIR, and three or four clicks more and Flashificator was ready to be used.
I turned to my father again and asked what I should do next. Helpful as ever, he replied: “Drag and drop, read the forums.” To make a longer story shorter I had no problems from that moment on. Whenever I felt the urge to ask my father for help, I already knew the answer that he would give, so I just searched, played with the program, and found it fun and easy to use., there were also frustrating moments, mostly because I actually had to do something on my own to find the answers.
It was brilliant how I could drag and drop images and videos, into the panorama and manipulate them into place so quick and easily.

I also found the functions recording part interesting, initially it was a bit difficult to understand but, then it clicked for me, after watching some useful video tutorials at least for basic things, I still need to explore, and play more with the functions.
There is a feature in the program called: “fly-out images” it works in a way that you click an image in the panorama, it will sort of fly away from where it is in the panorama, to the front of the screen, test it out by clicking the concert ticket on the bedside table next to the (real time) clock, or the lyrics paper on the kitchen table. I think it’s a very cool feature and really easy to implement. Actually I think it was the first feature, that made me fall in love with the program.

The Flashificator interface is ugly (sorry daddy, please don’t ground me, for saying it as I see it), but I could say the same about Photoshop and Gimp, ugly interfaces, but very capable of doing great works. The Flashificator interface is not going to win any beauty contests, but there are so many projects made with it, that are simply amazing.
Since there was one television in each panorama scene, I chose to put videos into them, without knowing that I would end up with a low toleration for those two songs, because every time I reloaded the project, the video would replay. During the creation of the project, I probably heard the songs more than one thousand times – okay maybe not quite, but it sure feels like it.
If you look very closely to the microwave that’s next to the refrigerator in the kitchen, you can see there’s a slideshow running in it, as if it was a digital picture frame, for the slideshow I used, a feature called: OMG (No it’s not what you think, it’s my father’s sarcastic name giving for this program, it stands for Object Movie Generator). To use it, one simply has to take 10 images numbered sequentially, then drag and drop one of the images into the OMG dropbox, and it creates the slideshow automatically.
There are so many features and possibilities, that if I had to mention all that can be done with the program, I would be sitting here for the next couple of months, raving and ranting like a lunatic, and you would all give up on me, as if I was some crazy cat-lady. 

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  1. Wow! Absolutely amazing. At first I used KR Pano for panoramas, then I got me Kolor Pano Tour Pro, but can not do even half of what you have done in your project with it, and it costs around two times as much.

    Have you really never done any other panorama projects before? I have a very hard time believing that this can be done by a 14 year old with no prior experience. I will be looking more into Flashigator for sure. The examples on their site are really nice too.

  2. “Eat, write & think. | Writing is about putting in paper, the thing that you are most afraid of to share.

    ” was a great blog post and I actually was quite joyful
    to discover the article. Many thanks,Roger

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