Alfie was always wishing for something. He wished he had a scooter. That would be so much fun. He wished he had a brother or sister. But mom and dad would just answer maybe. Another wish, of all the things he wished for it was the most important, he wished he could fly. He would sit for hours in a tree. Watching, just watching the birds soar overhead. Zooming in and out of the tree, at times seeming to float while hardly moving at all. About now you must be wondering how Alfie got up into the tree. Well

you see Alfie had very large ears. In fact he would flap flap flap them and suddenly there he was. His big ears had lifted him into the tree. So day after day he watched the birds. It looked like so much fun. Wish I was a bird thought Alfie. Then I could go exploring all around the world. Every day was the same as the day before. Alfie would get up and head for his favourite tree. There he would sit. Just watching. 
One day he saw a bird he had never seen before. It wasn’t very pretty like the other birds. It had lost a lot of its feathers. It looked very unhappy. Hi said Alfie are you ok? This new bird looked at him and shook his head. No not really. Why not Alfie asked. Well the other birds pick on me because I’m different from them. If you are different no one likes you. Alfie understood since he was the only elephant that could sit in a tree. Sometimes others don’t take the time to get to know us. Would you like to be my friend he asked? Yes thank you I would and you can call me Bobby. Pleased to meet you Bobby. I have to go now but I will be back here again tomorrow. I’ll see you then. Bye for now and off he went happy to have found this new friend.
The following morning Alfie was really excited. He was looking forward to seeing his new friend Bobby. Off he went skipping and whistling. Well not whistling. He couldn’t whistle. 
Arriving at his special tree he thought Bobby would already be there. No. Not yet. No sign of him. Alfie sat in the tree waiting and waiting and waiting. No Bobby. Where could he be. Just as he was about to leave his tree Bobby arrived. Where have you been Alfie asked? Well I, I can’t tell you. I just came to say goodbye. Goodbye? But we were going to be friends. Yes but we can’t be friends. Why not? I don’t understand. Ok I’ll tell you but then I have to go. All of the birds in my flock said we are too different to be friends. So I came to say goodbye. Bobby are you alright. You look worse than you did yesterday. He stopped talking. Bobby are the other birds bullying you? Bobby looked worried. I think I know what to do said Alfie. Leave it to me. The next day Alfie searched for the birds who were bullying Bobby. When he found them he explained that he intended to continue to be a friend to Bobby. They said  ok just don’t hurt us. Hurt you?  What do you mean? They said, you are bigger than us. Yes said Alfie but that doesn’t mean I will hurt you. There is nothing worse than a bully. You were afraid that I would bully you and that made you afraid. Do you see how Bobby must have felt? They looked ashamed and promised never to do it again. Alfie left to find Bobby very happy that they could be friends.