A tisket a tasket 1 2 3 cats in a basket
One had enough so he jumped out of the basket
That left 2 but it was still too many in the basket
Whatever can you do with 2 cats in a basket
The 2 cats looked at each other sitting in the basket
Said one to the other i’ll make my home in this basket
The other said no way I’m never going to  leave this basket
Whatever will become of 2 cats in a basket
Cat # 1 decided to stretch out as far as he could in the basket
That’s when cat # 2 decided that he had to go potty in the basket
Cat # 1 said that’s just gross you can’do that in my basket
Ha said cat # 2. Take a look I just did it in the basket
I’m sure you’ve all heard about a cat fight but not in a basket
The fur was flying the claws were out as they fought in the basket
Just then the mistress came home and saw them in the basket
She dumped them out for you see it was her knitting basket