Isn’t it odd oh yes isn’t it strange how everyone of us loves to complain
Big things or even little things we can always find ways for us to complain
Your boss you say is making you work too hard and boy do you complain
Your spouse doesn’t understand you so of course it’s necessary to complain
Your in laws always dropping by unexpectedly so to your spouse you complain
The neighbours are making you crazy so what do you do why you complain
The bus is late your coffee is too hot and it starts to rain complain complain
Nothing ever goes right the whole world is against you so go on and complain
Children living in war torn countries who are starving do you hear them complain
The person who finds a job no matter how menial do you really think they complain
The doctors nurses firemen police working long hours now they deserve to complain
No the difference it seems is that there are a lot of us who simply feel the need to complain