Do you see what I see when you look about

People searching for answers people full of doubt
Sometimes wandering aimlessly with no place to go
So confused by world events and so filled with woe
When you have no control over what is going on
And you think the words you hear are simply a con
Then say to yourself is it worth all of  this strife
I must not let what I cannot fix take over my life
News stations carry the very worst of the very worse
It may be necessary to hear but also may be a curse
Why not stop and say no way give me something funny
Try to make your days less gray and make them more sunny
When we obsess on all the wrongs that we encounter every day
Knowing that these will continue no matter what we may say
Stop. Look. Listen. There is still a lot of good in this world of ours
Go on with your life and don’t become one of those who cowers
We each have goals which in some cases are unattainable goals
When what we should be doing is taking part in leading roles
Together it’s amazing what may be accomplished if we all care
It’s up to each and everyone to say I’m prepared to do my share