I don’t know exactly how it happened and I don’t want to even hazard a guess
The only thing I know for certain is that it’s leaving me liking the product even less
Now see there are no instructions explaining what it is that you are supposed do
You are left to figure it out all by yourself. Oh yes they are leaving it all up to you
I am looking at it very carefully and I’m turning it over and over checking all the sides
I can’t seem to figure it out so why bother and I am getting really angry now besides
Why do they have to make the packaging so gosh darn difficult to open tell me why
And to top it all off it’s driving me round the bend and I’m  getting too tired to even try
When you buy a product tell me now don’t you expect that you just might be able to use it
It’s so darn maddening I’m getting really annoyed why it makes me about ready to spit
Open other end it says so you try and try but there is no way it just simply refuses to work
Whoever came up with this doggone stupid design is to put it quite simply a great big jerk
Okay I’m giving it just one more try and if it doesn’t work then im going to throw it in the trash
Better take time to think it over though for it cost a lot of money it cost me a lot of cash
I know there’s only one thing left to do I’ll give it to a child and see if they can figure it out
Then right before your eyes it’s open. Shows they’re smarter than you was there ever any doubt