Updated Mar 5, 2017

If you were a bird floating on the great big sea
what kind of bird do you think you would be
If you were sitting up high on a telephone line
would you be happy do you think you would be fine
If you had brothers and maybe sisters too
What is the most annoying thing that they could do
If you knew more than say even your teacher did
What would she do maybe she would flip her lid
Would you sail all around the world if you could
In a small boat that you built using nothing but wood
Would you spend more time learning about important things in life
In an ideal world don’t you think there would be less strife
Would you roam the earth caring for creatures big and small
In your world would you be ready to break down some walls
Would you stand side by side those helping care for those in need
In your world would humans and animals have what is needed to feed
Take a moment take a year take all of the time that is needed for you see
One day we may all be swimming adrift in a great big scary sea
Take heed for when this world of ours is in dire need of our intervention
One or all of us must be prepared to step up and to pay close attention