In my world there is no war, there is no strife

In my world everyone feels there is value to every life

In my world the sun may not shine every single day

In my world though that does not mean skies are always grey

In my world love is the most essential part of being

In my world compassion is what we should be feeling

In my world you would be welcome because we care

In my world you would have fewer burdens you must bear

In my world there is trust and giving and brotherhood

In my world you would not always be misunderstood

In my world you would be welcomed with open arms

In my world, yes in my world, you would find many charms

In my world children grow into leaders who are fair to one and all

In my world men and women are equal and able to stand tall

In my world we see aggression as unnecessary and unwanted

In my world, we want only peace and to this end we stand undaunted