Updated Oct 7, 2016

Alas, alack, I think there’s something that I lack
You see I’m sure I’ve lost something and I think I want it back
I know I had it the other day. At the very least I think I did
But now I can’t find it anywhere. It simply went and hid
It’s not in any parcels that I brought home from the store
I hope if I can’t find it that somewhere there will be more
It’s not a very big thing. I’ve never measured one it’s true
But I have searched the entire house through and through
After checking all of my pockets and finding nothing there
I looked in every cupboard but alas the cupboards were bare
Under the sofa cushions under the bed and under the rug
But all I found there was a teeny weeny tiny cute little bug
I hope one day that it will show up. Probably when I least expect it
No I’m not really worried. Well, okay now maybe I am just a bit
But you see it’s not that important. It’s just something I think I should find
For you see this thing I’ve lost and am looking for is quite simply my mind