Updated Jun 20, 2017

Lester was very sad. It seems that Lester was always sad. Living in a pound was not his first choice. How he would have loved a yard to play in
Some of the other animals in the pound were often adopted. But no one
showed any interest in Lester.  It’s true that he wasn’t a particularly
handsome dog. He was a mixed breed to begin with. It seemed to
him that everyone who came to the pound wanted a dog that wasn’t such a mixture of breeds.
He thought if they would just come over and check him out he could show them what a great pet he would be. You see Lester loved children.
What he wouldn’t give to be adopted by a family with children. Or even one child. He would fetch the ball they would throw. He could show off his obedience skills. Sit. Beg. Shake.  Roll over. And he knew he could learn new tricks. Day after day after day it was always the same thing. People coming and going checking out all of the animals. There were those who preferred cats. Some bought pretty birds who lived in cages  But they rarely looked in his direction. One day a family came to look around and they had two children. They wandered all around the room. They were checking out lots of animals thought Lester. Well he couldn’t really see all of the room but that’s how it seemed to him. Lester thought how lucky one of the animals might be to go home with this family. There was a boy and a girl. Just perfect. He could play fetch and go for long walks he said to himself . He turned his back to them so he wouldn’t have to see them choosing a pet.
The young boy looked his way. Janie, the boy said calling to his sister, there’s  another one here. Janie came to have a look and said why does he look so sad. Her brother Jim said well maybe he doesn’t like it here. The two then walked away to where their parents were speaking to the owner. Mom. Dad. Come see this other dog. In a moment they said. We are just getting background information on this place. It certainly seems well run. That’s very important you know. Now then what would you like to show us. Off they went and by this time Lester was getting very anxious. I wonder what’s up he thought. The children’s parents looked toward Lester’s crate. He thought he saw them frowning. I haven’t done anything wrong have I Lester wondered. Oh. They are coming over here. Whatever should I do. Then Janie, the  younger of the two got down on her knees and began speaking to Lester. What is she saying what is she saying? I don’t understand. When he heard her say good doggie well that he understood. In the meantime Jim was talking to his parents and pointing at Lester. He was laughing. I guess he thinks I am funny looking was Lester’s first thought. Well I may not be a beauty but I have so many good characteristics
Isn’t that more important?  As these thoughts went through his head he watched as the family turned and walked away. Lester hung his head. Guess that’s it. They are not interested in someone like me. A few minutes later the owner of the pound came over to the crate and opened the door. What is he doing where is he taking me. The man took Lester out of the crate and attached a leash. Then…… Of all things he handed the leash to the boy. Lester couldn’t believe what was happening, he wanted to do a happy dance. He was leaving the pound and going to a new home. He would give this family so much love. And he was excited about learning new tricks. This was sure to be the best life ever. He was going to a home that had children. Oh and thought Lester I’ll bet they have a backyard. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw the young girl at the counter. She was buying doggie treats. Lester knew his life would be perfect from now on.