Updated May 24, 2017

spooky-night-at-cemetery-with-old-gravestones-full-moon-and-bla-100290878As the moon’s incandescent light, slowly, ever so slowly, fades from our view
And, as we await the beginning of the new dawn, which is seeking to emerge
Our thoughts slowly wander in and out, without actually being thoughts at all
With tiny snippets of memories we have long forgotten, beginning to emerge
The darkness of night, with just the moon’s soft glow, leads us to introspection
Our life, scrutinized to death as we examine the good and the bad and the ugly
That is not to say we are given choices, for memories have a life all of their own
We can only wait, as our thoughts swirl in space and we hope for none of the ugly
The night sky, if tranquil with abundant stars and perhaps just a few wispy clouds
May bring forth a secret longing, for days of yore, perhaps causing us to softly sigh
Knowing that the days of our youth, which on the whole have served us fairly well
Are never to return, so once more we stare longingly into space letting out another sigh
The moon and the stars and the shades of night call out to us to look forward to the dawn
Saying, no, telling us these quiet moments we are alone with our thoughts is our time
We must take advantage of what life has taught us, and prepare for what is yet to come
After all, our life is like a distant planet, that we will perhaps come to understand, all in good time