Little Jack Horner well he sat in a corner with Little Miss Muffet by his side

They looked out the window and saw the Big Bad Wolf and 3 Little Pigs outside
Then Little Miss Muffet asked where is Cinderella i hope that she is doing well
Little Jack Horner said why there she is. I believe she is about to ring the bell
Cinderella said I have come to deliver a message. Little Boy Blue has lost his horn
Just then they heard a noise. Not just a noise but a wailing that sounded so forlorn
Oh me oh my The Pie Man said. I’ve dropped my pies I baked for good Old King Cole
I know that he’s a jolly old soul but what am I to do. To bake for the good King was my goal
Puss In Boots saw the pies and said Oh goody I can take these to Old Mother Hubbard
I know for sure that she won’t mind that they are broken since there’s nothing in her cupboard
Old Mother Hubbard was as pleased as could be.  I’ll share these pies with sweet Rapunzel
She can let down her hair and I can climb up so you see that surely solves that puzzle 
Little Jack Horner happened to come by and asked Mother Hubbard if he could be of service
I shouldn’t have any problem carrying your pies said he It’s carrying water that makes me nervous
At the top of the hill they saw children playing. They must belong to the Old Lady In The Shoe
You see the problem was that she had so many children she just didn’t know what to do
So in the end all of them got together and decided they would all like to do some good deeds
They set forth and they prepared to make deliveries to everyone of all the magic beans