Jan 10, 2017  

Sometimes in the dead of night the stillness softly speaks to me
Soft murmurs, whispering to me of age old songs no longer heard
Lost in timeless space these swirling notes rising higher and higher
The crescendo and then they are falling into the black abyss of night
Music is never lost. It leaves  us but only for awhile. A hiatus perhaps
Then when least expected there it is. It is there in your mind full blown
No, music never ever dies. Whether symphonic, rock, country or rap
It is there waiting for you to possess it. Listen to me is all that it asks
Have you perhaps been feeling blue then suddenly heard music so uplifting
Taking you soaring to the heavens then ever so gently bringing you back to earth
A song heard many years ago may suddenly take residence in your mind
You try with all your might to forget but no it won’t leave you it has settled in
Music may bring with it memories forgotten from a time so very long ago
Good memories, sad memories or perhaps a longing for a time now gone by
The heart, the soul our very being needs music to nurture it and keep it alive
Listen carefully now, do you hear words and music whispering softly in your ear