The Duck And The Snake

The Duck And The Snake

duck and snake

Digby duck loved his home. He was so happy here. This is where he felt most safe and
secure. This was his safe haven.
He knew of no one who would wish to harm him. This was his safe haven.
All around there were birds. Hundreds, maybe thousands of birds.
He wondered if there could be that many. He wished he could count them all. Oh that’s
just silly he thought. They don’t stay still long enough for me to count them.
He wished he was a bird. Birds are beautiful. Digby was also a bird. Just a different
kind. He was, well, not exactly an ugly duckling. But he was not what you might call
Ok not everyone likes bright colourful things he would say. So maybe  I’m not an ugly duck. I guess you could say that I’m average. Not beautiful. Not ugly. No I’m just sort of
average. I’m just me and that’s ok.
Now of course Digby  knew he was a bird. Yes ducks are birds But that didn’t prevent
him from sometimes wishing that he was different. Oh well, I guess I should be happy
with who I am. I am a very happy duck.
Now then as all of these thoughts were going through his mind and as he came to a
curve in the path there was a snake. A real live snake. He tried to scream. But all that
came out of him was a little quack. He began to back away. Slowly, ever so slowly he
began to back away.
Good he thought, the snake hasn’t seen me. He turned and started to walk in the
opposite direction. He just wanted to get far away. Suddenly he heard a voice. Hey
there, the voice said. Where are you going.
Oh dear the voice was coming from the snake. He has seen me.  Digby began
frantically to try to remember all of the things his mom had told him. But he couldn’t
recall one single thing she had said.
Just then he heard sobbing. It was the snake. Please don’t be afraid he said. I wouldn’t
hurt you. Im really rather harmless. I get so lonely sometimes because everyone runs
from me.
Digby couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Then the snake asked him. Would you like
to learn my name.
No, no thank you. Oh I guess so, said Digby.  But you don’t have to tell me. It’s not as if
we will ever see each other again. This was Digby’s greatest hope anyway.
Well you see , I am a Massasauga rattler. You may call me Massy.
How strange thought Digby. A strange name indeed. Ok, good said Digby. Nice meeting
you. Digby intended to continue on down the road to a pond he liked. Since Digby’s

home was in a conservation area in southern Ontario he was quite familiar with his
Bye Massy he said. He was still not comfortable around the snake. He really wanted to
leave. Gotta go now.
Oh no. I never have anyone to talk to. Everyone is afraid of me. All snakes
aren’t bad you know. I just go along minding my own business then BAM… I hear
screams. Scares me half to death it does. I hate screaming.
Digby listened to what Massy was saying. This wasn’t what he expected at all. This
might be a snake but he has feelings like me. What should I do.
Just then a bike came zooming down the path. The boy on the bike was not watching
where he was going.
Hey, Digby said. Watch it. But of course since Digby only quacked and couldn’t talk it
didn’t help at all
Massy scrambled as fast as he could and just missed being squished. Wow that was
close he said.
Digby wondered why people were always ignoring the signs all around the Provincial
Park They said slow down. Brake for snakes. But people sometimes just ignored them.
Well, he said, I must go now  but do be careful. I’ve enjoyed meeting you. Perhaps we’ll
meet again.
And with that Digby headed off toward the pond for his afternoon swim.
All the while he was thinking that this was a good lesson to be learned. Just because
you don’t know someone well that doesn’t mean you have to be afraid of them.  Maybe
you should try to get to know them.  I’ve learned a very valuable lesson today. This has

The Duck And The Snake

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