Updated Apr 7, 2017

joyce bader beware of the gremlins 2017Where did I put it. Why can’t I find it. Wherever did it go
Had it a minute ago I think I had it a minute ago… or so
Nothing is ever where I put it. It simply hides from me
I don’t care for hide and seek. Now where can the darn thing be
I wonder if some darn little gremlin follows me around all day
There has to be a logical explanation I think. Wouldn’t you say
It’s in your hand you set it down then you go about your work
That’s when that darn gremlin hides it. He’s being a real jerk
I know what I’ll do I’ll fool him. Yes I will. I’ll show him who is boss
He doesn’t want to fool with me. No siree. Not when I get cross
I’ll turn out all the lights then he won’t be able to see where I hide it
He will search and search all he wants. That should give him a big fit
Okay now this plan should work. Now I’m  turning out all the lights
It’s my thing I’m hiding anyway and I know I am within my rights
There now I’ll go on with my chores. I can check on it in awhile
I’m ready now. Oh no he got to it first I’ll bet he stashed it in his pile
Beware of gremlins for you see they watch and wait till you get old
At least that’s what I’ve always heard. Yes that’s what I’ve been told
Hold on tight don’t set things down or you know what happens then
You’ll never see the thing again. Or at least till heaven knows when.