Updated Jun 18, 2017

Oh woe, oh woe, oh can’t you see
Life’s not what I thought it would be
Thought I’d be livin high off the hog
Wastin the time away sleepin like a log
Some things it seems just gotta be done
Every day there’s things that don’t get done
There’s nothin quite like loafin in the sun
Why can’t life be all about just havin fun
Workin and moanin all the live long day
Puttin in the hours only way to earn your pay
Stop the bitchin and moanin it’ll make you crazy
You don’t want people to think you’re lazy
Seems to me there’s a moral here to be had
Mustn’t go through life thinkin everything’s bad
Jump out of bed in the mornin and be rarin to go
That will surely help you to chase away your woe